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The wonders of Lake Atitlan

Visit Lake Atitlan

Travelers who visit Guatemala plan to discover exotic locations with unforgettable experiences. Located in the mountains, on a 3 hours road drive from Guatemala City or an half an hour helicopter trip, Lake Atitlan is one of those sought locations, full of its one and special magic, capable of transporting us into a new reality.

The lake, the mountains and ourselves

Located high in the mountain range of Sierra Madre, on a 3 hours road drive from Guatemala City, Lake Atitlan is one of those locations that creates a deep communion between nature outside and inside ourselves. Time is almost stopped in this land of nowhere, no stress, only a new sensation of living the moment…

Be with the Nature at Atitlan

With a maximum depth of 340 m, Lake Atitlan is the deepest lake in Central America. It spans for approx. 18 km x 8 km with a surface area of 130 sq km. It’s immense body of blue water creates a comforting sensation of plenitude and inspires an attitude of dedication to Nature and reflection…

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